10 favorite pics of plant life from far beyond my garden

I am really tired of the winter Minnesota is in the grips of right now. The air hurts my face and hands when it hits my skin. Driving is difficult to treacherous at times. And all I can see is snow where I want to see plant life.

Oh well, I must persevere. Spring is not far away. And soon I will sow veggie and flower seedlings in my basement.

Today’s post is to get me out of my winter funk. While I’ve already posted my 15 favorite pics from my garden (thus far), I have not posted my favorites from other people’s/institutions’ gardens or wild plant life for that matter. So here they are: my 10 favorite pics of plant life from outside my garden (in no particular order).

a garden at Château de Villandry
pollinating bee at the Heritage Farm of Seed Savers Exchange
artichoke in a friend’s relative’s garden
ice plant looks like a color crayon drawing
bee pollinating near a winery in southern France
flower breaks through a wall and towers over some of Luxembourg City
one of my favorite pics at Les Arcs, France
from a friend’s balcony garden (I suck at identifying flowers)
Rainbow Eucalyptus tree at Maui, Hawaii
I believe this is a pear tree at Château de Villandry