What’s the best gardening advice you’ve ever received?

Several summers back, on my first visit to Seed Savers Exchange and early in my heirloom gardening days, I had to ask one of the staff about an issue that was plaguing me. Adult squash bugs were attacking most of my squash plants. I didn’t know what to do.

After I asked for help, the staff person shared a couple of ways to valiantly deal with the adults. But he noted that really earlier detection was vital. However, the best advice was not about dealing with squash bugs.

“You know, for all vegetables, it’s best to grow multiple varieties. Then, if you do get attacked by (insect) pests, they often focus their attention on one or two of the varieties. But the other kinds should survive.”

To this day, I grow multiple varieties of nearly every veggie I hope survives the season. For example, I am currently growing three types of carrots, four varieties of beans, and five kinds of tomatoes, to name just a few of the veggies I have growing in my garden.

It works like a charm.

So, what’s the best gardening advice you’ve ever received?