Cold weather gardening and watching my seedlings grow. Advice welcomed.

I’ve got cold weather gardening on my mind. I’m trying to figure out how to keep my planted seeds alive or if I need to worry at all. The night after tonight and the one following challenge anything that sprouts with 22-degree lows. This far surpasses the hard freeze barrier of 28 degrees for 4 hours.  As protection, I’ll put a thin, clear painters’ plastic tarp over my garden beds. That work will likely happen this evening as it’s still supposed to be warm out — like upper 60s degrees Fahrenheit warm. Also, as my outdoor seeds yet to germinate or sprout, I’m wondering if sprinkling a little more soil on top of them will serve as more protection.

Let the experimentation begin!  (I welcome advice.)

If the seeds don’t survive, I have to practice what I preached in an earlier post. I need to be alright with it and start over with excess seeds remaining in the seed packets, just waiting to serve their purpose.

Meanwhile, the seedlings in my basement are doing fantastic. The cabbage and chive seedlings germinated at a near 100% rate. They are standing at attention as they reach for the lights above, having sprouted a few weeks ago. My tomatoes are doing well. They sprouted a couple of weeks back. This past weekend I had my first sighting of the eggplant and pepper seedlings. Now each pot has some visible life occupying it. Lastly, and the not-so-good news, the Brussels sprouts, while measuring a couple of inches, are all flopsy-topsy. I’m not sure if they’ll transplant well. If not, I may try to plant some this next weekend (which is supposed to be warm) or grow a batch as a fall crop.

So, that’s my garden status. Again, if anyone has advice or reassurance regarding my outdoor seeds, feel free to offer suggestions below. I assume I’m not alone in my concerns — misplaced or not.


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