Real Good Food Rundown (11 March 2021)

Dissident Potato now features all of my favorite journal entries from prior versions of the blog. The current site takes a look at:

real, good food and what makes it possible;

critiques of our current food system;

hunger and ways to address it;

a celebration of seed diversity;

• conversations with my plants as well as a former pup of mine about plant sex and food justice, respectively; and,

the mental health benefits of gardening.

I also have a page devoted to vegetables, where you can find links for how to grow and care for your garden.

Now that the site has enough content from former Dissident Potato versions, I’ll be posting a little less frequently — two to three times per week rather than every day. I’ll continue posting on the issues listed above, but I’ll cover new content as well:

• regular journal entries about what’s happening in my garden (along with advice about what could be happening in yours);

things you can do to make for a better food system;

fun facts about and histories of vegetables; and,

lots of photos!

If you read a post or page that you like, please comment on or share it. If you know a new gardener, send them a link to the “Vegetables” page.  And if you like, follow the blog by subscribing to it or following the Facebook page.  I’ll be posting more photos and content on Instagram during the growing season, so feel free to follow me there too.


Joyfully married to Rebecca. Friend to my pup, Luca. Passionate about justice. Love gardening, blogging, and dark chocolate.

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