Favorite Photos

These are some of my favorite photos from my garden (unless noted otherwise). I love taking pictures of heirloom and open-pollinated vegetables. On my travels, I also take pics of vegetables, flowers, and other vegetation that catch my fancy.

It’s more than a little cliché to begin the gallery of my favorite garden photos with heirloom tomatoes. But I don’t care. Tomatoes do a really good job at showing how diverse the heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable world can be. Did you know that there are roughly 10,000 – 15,000 varieties that exist in the world?

Mexican Torch Sunflowers have become my favorite sunflower. They produce multiple branches and small flowers. The brilliant colors as well as how great they are at attracting pollinators (i.e. bees and butterflies) are a treasure for the eyes!

A short drive from the city of Tour, France is the Château de Villandry. I spent all my time at this site walking around in and around the gardens. Thankfully, I caught this pic of a beautiful rose overlooking the kitchen garden.

I am surprised I was able to nab this photo of two finches snacking on sunflower seeds. It’s not talent that gives me this photo; I just spend a lot of time sitting silently in my garden. And then I wait for the birds, bees, and butterflies feel safe doing what they please in my garden.

How can this not be one of my favorite photos? The brilliance of this Cosmos flower is a sight to behold. I can almost feel the flower using all its might (bright colors) to hold back the cold weather that, unfortunately, was not too far away in the future.

While I can’t say I enjoyed the taste of this White Acorn Squash, I sometimes grow this heirloom because it’s fun to think of ghosts roaming around my garden.

This photo comes to us from Seed Savers Exchange and gardens that are part of Heritage Farm just a few miles away from Decorah, Iowa. This bee paid me no mind as it was busy collecting nectar and pollen.

I don’t know what it is about this pic that makes it a favorite photo of mine. I guess I’m just a fan of gazing at plant life after a rain or watering. On top of that, Merlot Lettuce is just a beautiful veggie. Don’t you agree?

Honestly, this is a perfect picture of a perfect cabbage plant. And I have the fortune of saying it came from my garden.

What’s not to love about Evening Sun Sunflowers? They are towering, often multiple-head, multiple-color, sunflowers that attract their fair share of bumblebees. I make them a part of each year’s garden.

It was only a few years ago I’d ever seen a growing artichoke. I can only claim credit for the picture. The artichoke itself is partially the work of a friend of mine’s sister who has a home and garden on one of the islands not so far from Seattle, WA.

Pea plants: I love the mix of white and green in the flowers, so intricate in detail. These heirloom sugar snap pea flowers will soon turn into sweet, tasty, edible pods.

The heirloom variety of this string bean plant escapes me. No matter. Isn’t it great that this pic captures the seed hull, stem, and multiple leaves, all in an itty-bitty seedling?

I caught this picture of a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree from a moving tour van, as we made our way on the Hana Highway.

I don’t know how I caught this pic, but it certainly is one of my favorite photos.

Variety is the spice of life: Green Zebra, Orange Icicle, Roma, Dark Galaxy, and Purple Cherokee tomatoes.

It is so fun watching a Green Zebra Tomato mature.

This is one of the most colorful bounties I’ve ever harvested.

The contours of the Nero DiToscana Cabbage leaves are beautiful!